The perfect marketing recipe


This is about cake, marketing and getting the recipe right

“I need a marketing strategy. I need it now, and it needs to work. Can you give it to me (erm) like yesterday?”

This is quite a common phone call. Good news is: we can probably can get your marketing strategy on the move by the end of the call. However, just a moment now, before you totally think this is (hum) a piece of cake, let us just have a chat about the recipe – by this I mean the perfect marketing recipe for you.

  1. Each marketing strategy should be your very own recipe

Each organisation and business will have its own character and getting the mix of material, routes to market, timings, features just right in a marketing strategy is a bit like baking the perfect cake.

Lesson: It takes trial and error to find out what works for your organisation. Writing a marketing strategy is a unique undertaking just for you and your business.

  1. Some of the ingredients for your marketing strategy are often quite familiar

There may well be things that you would assume would go in a marketing strategy: asset production that you have tried and tested, branding that works, social post timings that deliver. Additional to your own learning, to improve your strategy there will lots of experience from other marketers across the world that we can use to improve, and tweak the recipe.

Lesson: Take what works and incorporate it (doesn’t need to be all new to work like new).

  1. There is no magic ingredient that will make the recipe perfect

There will be some new thing to put in your strategy and some of these things will likely make a huge difference to the success of your strategy. It might be a new set of visuals, an email campaign where there was none, time invested building a relationship with a journalist. But…

Lesson: There is no silver bullet. So take your strategy, work it, review it, work it again.

  1. It takes time to bake a cake

It takes time to map out the new strategy properly, although you can get started with some obvious changes pretty swiftly. However, probably more important to stress, it takes time for the marketing strategy to work. So factor that into the timetable, and set milestones that are immediate, and more distanced.

Lesson: Keep notes on what you do, adjust, try. It is really important to evaluate the marketing strategy so that it can live with your organisation and develop alongside.

  1. You need to decide what sort of cake it is

So back to the phone conversation and the first question I would ask is “what do you want to achieve with your marketing strategy?” Once we have that in mind the plan will follow.

Lesson: To avoid writing a marketing strategy for the wrong thing, decide your purpose before commissioning a marketing strategy.


Sorry, I have now made myself really hungry so am off to make brownies and will be back online to write ‘The steps to prepare your marketing strategy’ at a later point (watch this space).  Yum, brownie…


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