Love what you do



Whatever career, job, role you have – make sure it is one you love.

I just heard someone say ‘happy new year.’ I kid you not! It is February and there are daffodils out, if you please.

Clearly if you are an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ sort of person then you’ve have lots of reading to do to these past 6 weeks or so, preparing your year ahead. So, I will keep this short so that you can get back to your continuing rejuvenance. Save for one piece of advice for anyone wanting to improve their relationship with work, or their life in fact, at any time of the year:

Love what you do, and when you can, do what you love.

Recognising that life is imperfect, this piece of advice as given to me many years ago at a moment where I genuinely didn’t know what to do but knew what I loved. I am reminded of this each year as I scroll past lists of New Year’s resolutions (January) met and unmet (February)…

As an alternative to this need to physiologically and professionally detox  I feel captured in this phrase above is all the ambition I need any time of year. This is a desire to be the best I can, looking for the right place to be. And help others by doing the best I can, and loving what I do.

“…this phrase above is all the ambition I need any time of year.”

This won’t translate every moment at my desk to bliss. But I genuinely don’t expect that. Getting to a place of satisfaction with the work we do takes hard work and quite often frustration and pain. Sometimes for considerable time.

But the aspiration is to be in the right place doing the right thing, with the right people, however hard that is sometimes – what is not to love about that?

And if I am wrong? Well you know where to find a few dozen blogs helping you exercise whilst you work, drink the optimum amount of green tea, and route to finding the perfect coach….  On you go… and Happy February (again).


Respect to creating & reflecting: The pencil & a cup of coffee

I was talking to a client on the telephone today about his blog. He was feeling guilty that he had not edited it and submitted it some days ago. He spoke slightly longingly of his desire to spend some time, offline with a pencil and a cup of coffee to nail that ol’ bog.

As I sat with an android to my ear with a laptop and an iPad in front of me I recognised both the luxury and restriction of this situation. So this is not a post about the love of spell checkers and automated social media feeds. This is note pays homage to the creative process that can come from setting the gadget aside.

So what does the pencil and the cup of coffee represent?

Perhaps different things to different people. But for me the pencil is a need to physically connect with the art of communication. To draw out words, circle them and feel a physicality of creating the message. In some ways a piece of paper in your hand is a reminder of the work it takes to write those words of quality.

The cup of coffee is the desire to stop, make a process a pleasure, and pause. Creation can become relentless after a time if you do not engage with the depth of it. The act of taking on your work with a drink in hand represents a need for space and reflection. It is also representative of being ok with your own blog – which is in some ways an extension of self – without the social network that may, in fact be the blogs reason for existing.

Perhaps, the pencil and coffee can help bring your work back closer to you.